Poker Glossary

Poker Glossary

Main Pot  : Sum made up of the players’ bets at an instant T.

Middle  : Position of a player speaking in the middle of other players.

Muck (Discard)  : the discard refers to the stack of cards that have been discarded from the game. When you bring down your cards, you talk about discarding a losing hand, when you return them to the dealer, face down.

No Limit (NL) (Unlimited bid)  : one of the variants of auction regulations, in which the bets are unlimited, within the limit of the number of tokens a player has.

Omaha  : variant of Texas Hold’em poker in which each player receives 4 hole cards that he can combine with the 5 community cards and open on the mat. The players use at least 2 face down cards and 3 community cards.

Omaha High / Low  : players compete over a pot split between the stronger hand and the weaker hand, while using 2 face down cards and 3 community cards. A player can use different combinations of cards to complete the best possible combination for each of the hands.

On the button (It’s up to you to deal)  : the expression On the button means that the small D puck is in front of you: your turn has come to play the role of the dealer (Texas Hold’em and Omaha only).

One on One  : game allowing two players only.

open-ended straight draw (Bilateral)  : Four cards that can form a straight up or down.

Overcard  : refers to any card greater than the cards appearing on the stud poker table.

Pair  : two identical cards (See also two of a kind).

Play Chips  : refers to the chips used to bet money. Tokens have no cash value.

Play Money: Virtual money to practice.

Playing the Board  : In Hold’em poker, the player uses all the community cards for his hand. He plays the Board.

Plrs  : Short for “Players” in online poker, it indicates the number of players at the table. The number is sometimes indicated in a rough manner, sometimes related to the total number of places available eg: 6/10.

Plrs / Flop  : For “players / flop” in online poker, this is the average number of players in a move at this table.

Pocket Cards  : refers to the pocket cards the player receives in Texas Hold’em poker; synonymous with Hole cards.

Pot  : the pot is made up of the chips in play at time T.

Pot Limit (PL)  : one of the variants of the betting rules, in which each player bets a sum, within the limit of the amount previously fixed.

Profile  : in online poker, refers to all personal – non-confidential – information provided by the player and available to other players. Player profile may contain information like favorite hobby, favorite websites, quotes, etc.

Nickname  : in online poker, designates the identity that the player has chosen to play. Only one nickname authorized per player: the nickname of your choice may already be taken.

Rainbow  : Three cards of different colors.

Raise  : Raise , bet an amount greater than that already in play, during bids or wagers.

Rake (Commission)  : means the amount of money in chips, taken by the online poker room, as a service charge.

Real Money  : Real money in online poker.

Rebuy (rebuy)  : request an amount of additional chips during a game, not during a hand. Purchase of a new cellar.

Reducing  : removing chips from the table and continuing the game with fewer chips. This action is not permitted in the Poker Room.

River  : refers to the fifth and last community card. Synonymous with fifth avenue (fifth street).

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